Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Few Wise Guys

Woo, it's been a while. What with Thanksgiving and the change in season, it seems like there's never enough time! But I tell you, I wouldn't change anything. The view of Mount St. Helens out my hall window this morning took my breath away. I love it when Portland comes through with a crystal clear day after the dreary gray days everyone (who doesn't live here) thinks we have. Best kept secret!

New things just keep happening in this studio! First, we got ourselves a photoshelter account which we are adding to more and more. Then, Bruce Forster has started a new company with Mel Ulven and Gary White called WiseGuys3. For over 35 years these three have collaborated on project after project. Bruce on photography, Mel on graphic design, and Gary on copy writing. Together, they encompass all that any company would want and need for their advertising and promotional campaigns. Since the 70's Bruce, Gary, and Mel have worked with companies such as Lumilite, Skamania Lodge, Heathman Hotel, the Japanese Gardens, and Renaissance Homes to name a few. Mel and Bruce have traveled twice (!) around the world for work for ESI and Techtronix.

from left to right: Gary White, Bruce Forster, and Mel Ulven 

The three well experienced creators have formed a virtual agency with everything to offer. Now, a company can hire all or just one of these men or one of their associates, Troy Klebey (digital guru and the guy that makes ideas happen) and Mick Geary (videographer) to get a good job done.

WiseGuys3 Pretending to Find Their Way (Think three wise men)!

With their combined experience, respect for each other, and fun they have together, this mini pool of freelancers are perfect for any type of project!