Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New Exhibit at the Airport "Sky's the Limit"

Isn't it funny walking through the airport and seeing art in the display cases? I always thought so. It's actually a great place for shows because lots of people have lots of extra time to peruse. Being the best airport in the world (I think), PDX has outdone themselves on the "Sky's the Limit" show about aviation. Brought to you by Port of Portland and RACC (Regional Arts & Culture Council), this show resides in Concourse A at Portland International Airport.

Bruce Forster, our leader of the pack, has 8 prints in the show. He submitted images shot from the air (as opposed to pictures OF aviation). Ranging from organic nature shots of tulip fields to more urban shots of housing developments, Bruce has displayed views most of us will never see.

Settling Ponds from a Paper Mill Oregon City, Oregon
Along with Bruce, there are 6 other photographers. The show will be up through the end of July 2010. Because the show is located through security, you'll have to wait until you go on a trip before you get to view this exclusive show. But I think it's a great reason to come up with an excuse for a vacation!
 A man hurrying by Bruce's images in the display case