Monday, July 27, 2009

Mt. Hood

The first time I flew in to Portland during the summer was in August of 2004, and I was stunned and delighted with the clear view of Mt. Hood that I was able to take in during the airplane's final descent. Window seats rule!

Now working for a photography agency based out of Portland, I have seen more than my fair share of gorgeous photos of the mountain, but two new ones submitted by longtime Viewfinders contributor Rich Iwasaki caught my attention... perhaps because the focus is sharp enough to make out tree lines? Maybe because the evening light is just right?

Rich was coming home to Portland on a flight from Boise a few weeks ago when he took these photos. He says he shot only a few frames, watching Mt. Jefferson line up in the background. Some post-processing magic helped boost the quality of the image (scratches on the airplane window had lent some distortion to the originals).

Hooray for late summer sunsets and clear skies!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Mannequin Beach Party

I first noticed The Lippman Co. party supply store in downtown Portland in February, shortly after I had moved here. My son and I were driving over to Airplay Cafe for a mid-morning playdate, and the exit ramp from I-5 dropped us just in front of the store.

Located in an otherwise industrial neighborhood, the Lippman store stands out not just because it is the only storefront within a few blocks, but because the window displays are brightly colored, amusing and impossible to miss. The display in February was Mardi Gras themed, and on that gray Portland morning in February, it was like seeing Las Vegas light up the dark desert sky.

Viewfinders lead photographer Bruce Forster drove by last week and got such a kick out of the current "Beach Party" display that he parked and took this series of shots. I realize they are inanimate objects, but doesn't it seem like they are having a blast? Happy Summer, Portland!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Pirate Town

A few months ago, a friend of Viewfinders' founder and lead photographer Bruce Forster's told him about an abandoned industrial building in north Portland that had become a haven for graffiti artists and skaters. The friend thought Bruce would really appreciate the artistic value of the graffiti, and encouraged him to pay a visit to the site, and soon: University of Portland had recently finalized its purchase of the land on which the building was located, and was planning to tear down the structure.

Known in various fringe circles as Pirate Town, the building is part of the (formally-named) Triangle Park, a 35-acre former industrial site on the banks of the Willamette River. University of Portland has acknowledged the presence of multiple contaminants on the site, and has reportedly begun cleanup, as first step toward preparing the area for a new greenway and trail, as well as expansion of University facilities.

Both Bruce and Troy Klebey, Viewfinders photographer and studio manager, paid several visits to the site during the last few months, to capture the art and wonder of this unique space. Troy's photos are featured here.

One of my favorite shots from the Pirate Town series is of Tucker, Troy's faithful companion and unbelievably well-mannered, photogenic dog. For more shots of Tucker's adventures throughout the years, check out Troy's blog.