Monday, July 20, 2009

Mannequin Beach Party

I first noticed The Lippman Co. party supply store in downtown Portland in February, shortly after I had moved here. My son and I were driving over to Airplay Cafe for a mid-morning playdate, and the exit ramp from I-5 dropped us just in front of the store.

Located in an otherwise industrial neighborhood, the Lippman store stands out not just because it is the only storefront within a few blocks, but because the window displays are brightly colored, amusing and impossible to miss. The display in February was Mardi Gras themed, and on that gray Portland morning in February, it was like seeing Las Vegas light up the dark desert sky.

Viewfinders lead photographer Bruce Forster drove by last week and got such a kick out of the current "Beach Party" display that he parked and took this series of shots. I realize they are inanimate objects, but doesn't it seem like they are having a blast? Happy Summer, Portland!

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