Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Talk About GLEE!

When contributor shooter, Paul Gordon sent me these pictures, I couldn't quite believe or comprehend what I was looking at. Who knew Seattle was so loose yet so organized!? Sadly, I know next to nothing about the show Glee (I know, kick me), but after seeing the excitement and passion behind One Degree Events Flash Mob for the new spring season of the hit show, I think I'm more inclined to watch.
Founded by Egan Orion (a.k.a."Mobfather"), these flash mobs pop up in the middle of cities (yeah, it's not just Seattle), perform, and then disappear into the crowd. The times of mobbing are kept a secret. This one had a mix of four songs: Don't Stop Believin', Proud Mary, Gold Digger, and Somebody to Love. Instructional videos with the choreography were provided on the blog and people just met and danced! Like, thousands of people. Paul put it best in his email to me stating he went down there to shoot and a tourist from India asked him if there was an event scheduled. Paul told him, "no, this is just what we do in Seattle." I love that.
 Want to see more? There are videos on the Seattle Times site!

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