Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Alpenrose Velodrome

There are only about 20 operating velodromes in the United Sates, and I find it highly appropriate that one of them is located in Portland, which has the reputation of being an incredibly bike-friendly city.

Alpenrose Velodrome is a high-banked, Olympic-style bicycle racing track, located in northwest Portland. The track features a 43-degree bank, which qualifies it as one of the steepest velodromes in the country. (A typical track features bank degrees ranging from 25 to 33.) Oregon Bicycle Racing Association recommends that even experienced racers complete one or two training sessions on the track before participating in a race at Alpenrose.

Viewfinders lead photographer Bruce Forster spent a few hours at the velodrome on a weekend earlier this month, capturing a great series of action images. Bruce was in awe of the close proximity of the cyclists during the races, and of the fierce competitiveness that emerged during tight sprints, as captured in the below shot. Hello, elbows...

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