Thursday, August 13, 2009

Seattle Light Rail

I'm an unabashed fan of writer/director Cameron Crowe, and my favorite of all his films is "Singles," an ensemble romantic comedy set in early 90s, Grunge-era Seattle. One of the main characters, Steve, is working on a proposal to build a public transit, high-speed train line in an effort to ease the city's renowned gridlock. His efforts are ultimately shot down because, as another Seattleite character explains, "I just love my car."

Fast forward 17 years (wow... where did that time go?) and the attitude toward public transit in Seattle, and elswhere, has changed vastly. Seattle's light rail transit system commenced service in mid-July , and Viewfinders photographer Paul Gordon quickly jumped on board to capture photos of the inaugural month. His images are featured here.

One thing that caught my eye in the images was the embracement of art and design in the commuter stations and on the train platforms. Kudos to the Sound Transit art program (STart) on their efforts!

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